Banking Crisis Essay

Topics: Education, Mind, Cognition Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: October 21, 2010
A humans mind can be the most lethal weapon known to man, however in order for the mind to be powerful it needs to be indoctrinated profoundly. It is through education that the mind is feed; education is a minds nutrient and it is the tool that fully designs the weapon. Acquisition of knowledge increases the minds potential, but lack of education will leave the mind vulnerable. People can easily dominate an empty mind and that’s something an authoritarian government craves. Paulo Freire in his essay the banking concept of education expresses his ideology of education and demonstrates the deficiency of banking system. Throughout his essay he constantly refers to the banking concept to be oppressive and narrative and disparages it abruptly. According to Freire the banking concept enables student to engage in any analytical thought.

Freire in the Banking Concept simulates the process of teaching to a bank where the teacher deposits the information into the student’s brain. The brain is the reservoir and all that is infiltrated in the brain is memorized and repeated. This system enables to student to have any creativity, which nourishes the mind. The author believes that the relationship between the teacher and student is oppositional whereas only one is right and the other is wrong. In no circumstance in the banking concept are both teacher and student considered equal, the teacher who is allegedly the only one knowledgeable must penetrate all her knowledge’s into the student without the students input in the matter. There is no reciprocal learning or sharing between the student and teacher. In his essay, Freire enumerates numerous of qualities of the banking concept, which he believes are a reflection of an oppressive society. For example “the teacher teaches and the students are taught,” “the teacher knows everything and the student knows nothing,” “the teacher thinks and the students are thought about”, “the teacher talks and the students listen-meekly”. If...
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