Banking and the Economic Environment

Topics: Agriculture, Agricultural economics, Meat Pages: 7 (2425 words) Published: March 6, 2013
joint agricultural annual sector review

Towards actualizing the Agricultural Revolution in Uganda

Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry & Fisheries

Minister of State (Fisheries)

HON. RWAMIRAMA K. BRIGHT HON. ZERUBABEL MIJUMBI NYIIRA HON. VINCENT R. RUBAREMA NYIIRA HON. VINCENT R. RUBAREMA Minister of State (Livestock) Minister of State (Agriculture) Minister of State (Agriculture) Permanent Secretary

BACKGROUND Within the framework of the National Development Plan (NDP), the Ministry is implementing an agriculture sector Development Strategy and Investment Plan (DSIP), 2010/11-2014/15. The development objectives of the DSIP are to increase incomes and livelihoods of rural households and to improve household food and nutrition security. The priority areas of investment in the agriculture sector DSIP which aim to trigger agricultural revolution are (i) enhancing production and productivity (ii) enhancing market access and value Addition (iii) improving the enabling environment for the agriculture sector (iv) institutional development. On 01-02nd November 2012, the agriculture sector will conduct the Joint Agricultural Sector Annual Review (JASAR) workshop to review the performance of the sector based on its targets for FY 2011/12, highlight the challenges and provide guidance on sector priorities for FY 2013/14. The Ministry will use the same forum to kickstart dissemination of a handbook on investment programmes for operationalising 20 of the 22 components of the DSIP dubbed the Non-ATAAS component. The other two DSIP components of research and advisory services are already on course through the Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Advisory Services (ATAAS) project which was launched by H.E. the President July 2012. The workshop is taking place at the Speke Resort Hotel, Munyonyo. The workshop will bring together leaders and representatives of Parliament, Ministries and Agencies, Farmers’ organizations, Local Governments (LGs), Civil Society, Private

Sector and staff of the Ministry (MAAIF) and its Agencies. The workshop has been preceded by joint field visits that have included the Ministry Top Policy Management (TPM), Development Partners in the agricultural sector and other sector key stakeholders to selected districts and programmes. AGRICULTURAL SECTOR PRIORITIES In line with the central theme of the NRM manifesto for 2011-2016, the agriculture sector targets are to ensure Prosperity for All Ugandans, transforming the country from a poor peasant society to a modern, industrial, united and prosperous society in a stable and peaceful environment. The priority areas of investment to spin off agricultural growth as detailed in the Ministry Development Strategy and Investment Plan (DSIP) are (i) Enhancing Production and Productivity (ii) Market Access and Value Addition (iii) Improving the Enabling Environment for the Agricultural Sector (iv) Institutional Development. 3 KEY ACHIEVEMENTS 3.1 RESEARCH: Agricultural Research through the National Agricultural research system was aimed at providing high yielding, disease/drought resistant seeds to improve productivity. During the financial year, a variety of groundnuts, Serenut 10R, that is tolerant to leaf miners was released for farmers to adopt. This is the first ever groundnut variety that is tolerant to leaf miner). Other lines have been identified and are undergoing yield and other attribute evaluations at the stations. Research also successfully improved and re-introduced Gwerinut, a popular groundnut variety in Teso region. Improvement of key landraces (local

varieties e.g. Erudurudu, Acholiwhite, Roxo, Red Beauty) are ongoing with advanced progenies now being tried on-station for yield, pests, disease resistances and other desirable attributes. Promising sesame (Simsim) lines, Local 158-1 (553 kg/ha) and EM-15-1-5 (580...
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