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Topics: Bank, Commercial bank, Retail banking Pages: 26 (6433 words) Published: April 14, 2013
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In a developing country like Bangladesh the banking system as a whole play a vital role in the progress of economic development. In this paper we have tried to analyze the development and growth of Selected Private Commercial Banks of Bangladesh. The study sought to identify the most important attributes in bank settings, which may be used to review characteristics of the banks as experienced by customers. In Bangladesh, no study has yet investigated the above mentioned interrelationship. The purpose of this study is to fill this gap. A review of literature was conducted to find out the relationship among service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The literature review confirms this relationship. The result shows that all the service quality attributes are positively related to customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is positively related to customer loyalty in the retail banking settings in Bangladesh. Empathy demonstrates the highest positive correlation with customer satisfaction and tangibility shows the least positive correlation with customer satisfaction. This study suggests that SERVQUAL [service quality model] is a suitable instrument for measuring the bank service quality in the Bangladeshi context. The main objectives of the study are to evaluate the customer satisfaction of the service quality and to assess whether bank services provided by the institutions are satisfactory to Bangladeshi customers especially in term of service categories like general banking, credit banking and foreign exchange banking services. The study also examines empirically the determinants of service quality in Bangladesh. A questionnaire for such purpose was designed to collected data. From the study it is found that the overall service quality in private commercial bank in Bangladesh is moderate, where service quality in general banking services is better than the credit banking services and foreign exchange services though its quality is not too bad . Service quality is one of the critical success factors that influence the competitiveness of an organization. Here, banks overall service quality, overall product quality, and corporate social performance are considered as the independent variables and bank reputation is considered as dependent variable. The survey comprises among the clients of UCB, Prime Bank Ltd, mutual trust Bank Ltd, mercantile Bank Ltd, national bank Ltd. After successfully analyzed the gathered information, it could be stated that all the measured independent variables (i.e., overall service quality, overall product quality, and corporate social) statistically and significantly correlated with bank.

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Banking system plays a very important role in the economic life of the nation. The health of the economy is closely related to the soundness of its banking system. In a developing country like Bangladesh the banking system as a whole play a vital role in the progress of economic development. A bank as a matter of fact is just like a heart in the economic structure and the Capital provided by it is like blood in it. As long as blood is in circulation the organs will remain sound and healthy. If the blood is not supplied to any organ then that part would become useless. Modern trade and commerce would almost be impossible without the availability of suitable banking services. First of all, banking promotes savings. All manner of people, from the ordinary laborers and workers to the rich land owners and businessmen, can keep their money safely in banks. Bangladesh Bank (BB) has been working as the central bank since the country's independence. Its prime jobs include issuing of currency, maintaining foreign exchange reserve and providing transaction facilities of all public monetary matters. Bangladesh Bank (BB) regulates and supervises the activities of all banks. Recently, a lot of changes are occurring in...
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