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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Security of Bank Teller Operations

Who is a Bank Teller?
A teller is an employee of a bank[->0] who deals directly with most customers. In some places, this employee is known as a cashier.

What are we protecting?
Customer Funds ( CASH)
1. Teller Cash
2. Vault Cash
3. Cash Shipments

Bank teller is taking care of these honest customers and at the same time distinguish the difference between the customer and the robber.)

A welded stainless steel deal tray makes it possible for tellers and clients to safely exchange cash, documents, and paperwork.

-CCTV Cameras, Burgulary alarms, bulletproof windows
Description form – used for bank robberies to help police identify the person(s) who robbed the bank Fraud – an attempt to obtain funds by other than appropriate and legal means Unit 5: Bank Security

Kiting – attempt to draw against non-existent funds through a scheme involving several checking accounts with different institutions Money laundering – the practice of disguising the origins of illegally-obtained money Bait money – paper currency, usually kept from other currency in the cash drawer, for giving to a robber. The serial numbers of each bill is recorded Bank Protection Act – federal legislation designed to strengthen bank security Dye pack – is a radio-controlled device used by some banks to foil a bank robbery by causing stolen cash to be permanently marked with red dye shortly after a robbery Embezzlement – a fraud committed when an employee steals or helps another one steal Extortion – the attempt to obtain a promise or money by threat Forgery – the alteration of a document or instrument with fraudulent intent

Banks have implemented modern security measures, like motion-sensing and high resolution color security cameras[->1], time-locked[->2] heavy vault doors, silent alarms, exploding dye packs[->3], bait money[->4] and locator devices. Some banks supplement this protection with armed or unarmed security guards[->5]...
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