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Review of literature has vital relevance with any research work due to literature review the possibility of repetition of study can be eliminated and another dimension can be selected for the study. The literature review helps researcher to remove limitations of existing work or may assist to extend prevailing study.

Several research have been conducted to analyse the different aspects of performance of commercial banks in India and abroad. But there are very few research and literature available on the subject related to financial reforms and its impact on Indian banks.

The available literature and research are

divided into four major parts according to the area of research i.e literature related to:
1. Review of Literature related to Performance Appraisal of Banks 2. Review








Recommendations for Banks
3. Review of Literature related to Impact of Reforms on Indian Banks 4. Review of Literature related to Service Quality of Indian Banks2 The above mentioned literature have been obtained from following four major sources such as (i) Ph.D. research conducted in India, (ii) The research / studies c arried over by the institutions like RBI, ICRA Limited and business magazines like Financial Express, Business Today, Money Outlook, Business India, etc. and (iii) Research Studies of individual scholars published in journals and magazines and (iv) websites of RBI, Govt. of India and websites of various banks.

The present study is undertaken in the light of the

methodology adopted and conclusions emerged in the earlier studies relating to the performance evaluation, financial reforms and their impact on the Indian banking sector. and a comparison between the two.



Prashanta Athma (2000), in his Ph D research submitted at Usmania University Hyderabad, “Performance of Public Sector Banks – A Case Study of State Bank of Hyderabad, made an attempt to evaluate the performance of Public Sector Commercial Banks with special emphasis on State Bank of Hyderabad. The period of the study for evaluation of performance is from 1980 to 1993-94, a little more than a decade. In this study, Athma outlined the Growth and Progress of Commercial Banking in India and. analyzed the trends in deposits, various components of profits of SBH, examined the trends in Asset structure, evaluated the level of customer satisfaction and compared the performance of SBH with other PSBs, Associate Banks of SBI and SBI. Statistical techniques like Ratios, Percentages, Compound Annual rate of growth and averages are computed for the purpose of meaningful comparison and analysis. The major findings of this study are that since nationalization, the progress of banking in India has been very impressive. All three types of Deposits have continuously grown during the study period, though the rate of growth was highest in fixed deposits. A comparison of SBH performance in respect of resource mobilization with other banks showed that the average growth of deposits of SBH is higher than any other bank group. Profits of SBH showed an increasing trend indicating a more than proportionate increase in spread than in burden. Finally, majority of the customers have given a very positive opinion about the various statements relating to counter service offered by SBH.

Zacharias Thomas(1997)Ph D Thesis, ‘Performance effectiveness of Nationalised Bank- A Case Study of Syndicate Bank’, submitted to Kochin University




the performance



Nationalized Bank by taking Syndicate Bank as case study in his Ph.D thesis. Thomas has examined various aspects like growth and development of banking industry, achievements of Syndicate Bank in relation to capital adequacy, quality of assets, Profitability, Social Banking, Growth, Productivity,...
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