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CHAPTER – II Literature Review, Research Methodology and Data Base 2.1 Literature Review It is relevant to refer briefly to the previous studies and research in the related areas of the subject to find out and to fill up the research gaps, if any. Literature on financial services can generally be found; a number of books are available on banking related aspects as merchant banking, loan syndication, securitization, profitability and productivity etc. but, few studies are undertaken on the role of technology in the banking services. Uppal R.K. (2010) studies the extent of mobile banking in Indian banking industry during 2000-2007. The study concludes that among all e-channels, ATM is the most effective while mobile banking does not hold a strong position in public and old private sector but in new private sector banks and foreign banks m-banking is good enough with nearly 50 pc average branches providing m-banking services. M-banking customers are also the highest in ebanks which have positive impact on net profits and business per employee of these banks. Among all, foreign banks are on the top position followed by new private sector banks in providing m-banking services and their efficiency is also much higher as compared to other groups. The study also suggests some strategies to improve m-banking services. Abdullah D.N.M.A. and Rozario F. (2009) study the influence of service and product quality towards customer satisfaction. 149 respondents from one of the well known hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are selected as a sample. Psychometric testing is conducted to determine the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. The study finds positive significant relationship between place/ambience and service quality with customer satisfaction. Although, relationship between food quality and customer satisfaction is significant, it is in the negative direction. Future researchers can concentrate on determining attributes that influence customer satisfaction when cost/price is not a factor and reasons for place/ambience is currently becoming the leading factor in determining customer satisfaction.


Aktan B., Teker E. and Erosy P. (2009) examines the usage of internet in Turkey to make a basic due-diligence investigation for the financial institutions, including banking, stock trading, insurance and provision of financial information over the period 2005 and 2008. The findings show that internet usage in Turkey with its young population has continued to grow dramatically in financial services in terms of customers and financial transactions of various natures. Azouzi Dhekra (2009) aims to check if the current and prompt technological revolution altering the whole world has crucial impacts on the Tunisian banking sector. On the basis of empirical analysis, the study concludes that panoply of factors is affecting the customersattitude toward e-banking. For instance; age, gender and educational qualifications seem to be important and they split up the group into electronic banking adopters and traditional banking defenders and so, they have significant influence on the customers’ adoption of e-banking. It also shows that despite the presidential incentives and in spite of being fully aware of the ebanking benefits, numerous respondents are still using the conventional banking. Fear of loss because of transactions errors or hackers plays a significant role in alienating Tunisian customers from online banking. Finally, the study highlights the limitations and suggests some research perspectives. Ganesan R. and Vivekanandan K. (2009) describe a secured hybrid architecture model for the internet banking using Hyperelliptic curve cryptosystem and MD5. This hybrid model is implemented with the Hyperelliptic curve cryptosystem (HECC) and it performs the encryption and decryption processes in an efficient way merely with an 80-bit key size. The various screen shots given in this contribution shows that the hybrid model which...
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