Bank Management

Topics: Bank, Cheque, Central bank Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: May 9, 2013
1- Banks perform the indispensable task of…
A: intermediating savers and spenders.
2- Among the most important trends in banking, there have been… A: increase in bank branching, formation of more holding companies for the purchase of smaller banks, and mergers among the larger banks in the industry. 3- Among leading structural trends in the recent banking industry, there have been… A: Decline in independently owned banks, increase in the average size of individually owned banks, and entry across states lines from neighboring states that have increased. 4- A banking service that includes identifying possible merger targets, is often called a: A: merging banking activity

5- Banks in general are regulated for which of the reasons listed below? A: Banks hold the public savings, banks are able to make loans (create money), banks are a vital ingredient for the “good life”. 6- There was a law that was set up by the National banking system, that is called the “National bank act”… A: Providing the chartering of the national banks…

7- The bush administration reformed proposals in 1991 to remove the FDIC coverage for certain deposits. The types of deposits that are not covered by the FDIC include: A: broker deposits
8- The federal reserve policy psychological tool to conform to the feds policies using letters, phone calls, speeches, is known as: A: moral suasion
9- There is a banking act called the Interstate Banking act of 1994 that limited the number of bank deposits to a maximum of A: 10%...
10- Largest banks possess some possible advantages over medium and small banks… What specific advantage do they have? A: Greater diversification geographically in their product line, they have been able to attain financial capital at lower cost, they have greater professional expertise in loans for business acquisitions, better position to take advantage of the interstate opportunities… 11- In the United States there are close to…

A: 10,000...
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