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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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1. Easily the most visible difference between Bangladesh public and private universities is the cost of tuition, which is much higher at a private university. In general, private tuition is approximately 9-10 times higher than it is at a public tuition. This is because private universities rely directly on student and alumni funding in order to operate. Unlike a public state university, the private school receives no direct subsidy from the state that the school is located in. 2. Public universities are also much easier for a student to gain admission to, especially if the student is a resident of the state in which the university is located in. In some instances, public universities have programs that automatically accept transfer students that have completed a certain level of outside credits in a different state college. Benefits of attending a public university

1. Tuition is much cheaper than that of a private university. Semester and quarter systems do not differ in the total price of tuition. 2. Students who do not get achieve high enough grades to gain admittance into a private university (which can be extremely exclusive) will have a much easier time attending a public university. But while a public university may be easier to get into, the curriculum may be just as difficult—or more difficult—than a private university’s. 3. Public universities are much larger and more diverse than the average private university, and students may feel more comfortable around a larger student population that it offers. 4. Students have more of a choice as to which area of the country to attend school at when they select a public university. Since the chances of being accepted at such a public school are greater, the student can select a university in any climate, geographical region, or city they desire. Drawbacks of attending a public university

Public universities are not as prestigious as private universities, and some careers might be more difficult to enter after...
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