Bank and Credit Card

Topics: Bank, Credit card, Credit history Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Xuexiang Chen
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SOC SCI 3A LEC B (70030)
Introduction and Literature Review

You should explicitly state your research question.
My question is that why American people swap credit card more often than Chinese people. I notice an interesting phenomenon in US, people can swap their credit card in every store, for anything, even just for buying a box of match. But back to my country, China, people prefer to use cash to buy things or service. I think my research question is important because I wonder there are some reason in it related to economic and social development. I want to know which one is a more reasonable way to spend money. So I predict that the credit card way is a more reasonable way for following reason, it is safer for people’s physical and property. It is easier to carry on body. It is easier to operate. Method

My first hypothese is that the way American banks promote credit card is better than the Chinese one. My second hypothese is that Americans are too lazy to cerry amount of money. My third hypothese is that Americans will recieve creidt from spend money from credit cards. From my study, I remove the second and third hypotheses, because the variables in those two hypotheses are too hard to control. The independent variable is the how much money the American banks and Chinese bank spend on promoting the credit card service. And the dependent variable is how much people in these two countries use credit card instead of cash. The more money bank spends on promoting, the more people will use credit card. Data

I will set up a survey for the people who use credit card to pay the bill and wait beside the cashier in every store and shopping mall. In the survey, I will ask customer why they like to use credit card over cash. I will give them some options, like because it is convenient, because it is reliable, easy to carry, or because it can accumulate points to exchange gift at the end...
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