Bangladeshi Soft Drinks Market

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Soft Drings

Executive Summary

The purpose of this term paper was to focus on carbonated beverages (Pepsi and Mojo Cola). Theterm paper represents the different types of marketing activites undertaken by both products tohold customers of BangladeshThis report also gives an overview of beverage industry in Bangladesh and also an overview of Pepsi and Mojo cola's parent companies.Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. has been established at a beautiful site Krishnapura, Dhamrai of Dhaka. It has come with the best food & beverage in Bangladesh. There are various types of drink.Mojo is the brand name of cola, Lemu is the brand name of Lemon and Speed is the brand name of energy drink. Immediately after the introduction of the brand it became very popular among itsconsumer because of the high quality and intensive distribution in every nook and corner of thecountry. Checky Monkey is the brand name of banana chips produced from this factory. It also is becoming popular chips in Bangladesh. Most of our Raw materials come from various foreigncountries. The quality is very strictly controlled. At every stage, non standard products are rejected.On the other hand Pepsi Co. is a multinational company. Originated in The USA Carolina in 1898.Since then it has been able to stay in competition with its biggest rival Coca-Cola. Pepsi, now is aworldwide brand and consumed by millions of people. Pepsi was introduced in Bangladesh byTranscom Group. As a corporate citizen Pepsico believes it has a responsibility to contribute to thequality of life in our communities. Transcom Beverage Ltd has put into action this philosophythrough support of social agencies, projects and programs and the scope of this support is extensiveand it has not been difficult to blend with this philosophy since the TRANSCOM group alsofollowed such a corporate ideology


(Beverage industry of Bangladesh)

After independence of Bangladesh the food habit of people has been changed a lot. Besides our traditional food consumer of Bangladesh like to take western food also after 1980s. As a result of global marketing this was not too hard for the consumers. Different foreign food companies wereestablished in Bangladesh. Beverage industry is one of them. But more interestingly we don’tknow beverage is also our cultural food because beverage doesn’t mean only carbonated drinks.Yoghurt, soup and lacchi are also beverage of our own tradition which consumed for the last 100years in Bangladesh. But carbonated beverage is new in Bangladesh and today our research is oncarbonated beverage market in Bangladesh and consumer reaction to it.Carbonated beverage entered into our market in the later part of 1980. At that time there were onlyfew companies in Bangladesh. But by the change of time and western culture influences it’s become very popular in Bangladesh. By year 2000 more than 12 Beverage Company operating business in Bangladesh and most of them are foreign companies. (Bangladesh Beverage: 2006)At present there are 19 beverage companies operating business in Bangladesh. They are: 1. Transcom Beverage Ltd.

2. Sun Crest Beverage Industries Ltd
3. Abdul Monem Limited
4. K.Rahman and Company
5. Eastern Beverage Industries Ltd.
6. Sanowara Drinks and Bev. md. Ltd.
7. Asia Business Ltd.
8. Desh Beverage Co. Ltd

9. Northern Beverage Ltd.
10. National Beverage Industries Ltd.
11. Bridge Corporation Limited
12. Tezarat Enterprise
13. Southern Beverage Ltd.
14. K.Rahman and Company
15. Bangladesh Beverage Ind. Ltd.
16. Dhaka Beverage Industries Ltd
17. Sunny Foods and Beverage Ltd.
18. Tabani Beverage Co. Ltd.
19. K.Rahman and Company

1.2: Akij Food & Beverage Ltd:

Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. has been established at a beautiful site Krishnapura, Dhamrai of Dhaka. It has come with the best food & beverage in Bangladesh. There are various types of drink.Mojo is the...
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