Bangladeshi Folk Song

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Bangladeshi Folk Song
Folk Music songs and music of a community, uninfluenced by any sophisticated musical rules or any standard Music styles. Bangladesh has a rich folk music, which includes both religious and secular songs. Folk music may be described as that type of ancient music, which springs from the heart of a community, based on their natural style of expression, uninfluenced by the rules of classical music and modern popular songs. Any mode or form created by the combination of tune, voice and dance may be described as music. Thus, the combination of folk song, folk dance, and folk tune may be called folk music. History

The history of folk music composition can be traced back to 8th century between (1800-1850) A.D; which was the time for growth of Charya Geeti. Generations of rural poets; composers created enormous tradition of Bangla folk music. Of which “Baul Song” is the most remarkable. The folk song of Bangladesh is a mixture of Vaishnaism and Sufism. It also may be classified as being an emotional, secular, sectarian and religious song. Characteristic of Bangladeshi folk song

I.It is composed by rural folk on basis of ancient rules transmitted orally. II.These ancient rules of music have not been influence by classical or modern music. III.This song may be sung in groups or individually.

IV.No regular practice is required for folk music.
V.It is composed and performed by illiterate or semi-illiterate people. VI.It is a spontaneous expression in easy language, local dialect, and simple tune. VII.Both words and tune are appealing.

VIII.Despite its universal appeal it uses local dialect.
IX.It depends upon nature and the rural environment.
X.It is an explicit manifestation of the joys and sorrows of daily life. XI.It uses simple and natural rhythms.
XII.It contains a strong emotive expression of human love and separation. Variety
In Bangladesh folk music has great variety, with songs being composed on the culture,...