Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (Bsti)

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Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), the only National Standards body of Bangladesh, is playingan important role in developing and Promoting industrial Standardization.

Keeping in view that Standardization, metrology, testing and quality control in the industrial spheres are the basic pre-requisite of the infrastructure necessary for sound economic development of the country, the Government of Bangladesh has established the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI).

The Institutions task is to prepare Standards for all articles, products, methods and services. The Institution can bring any product under BSTI’s Compulsory Certification marking after approval of the Govt. A regulation has already been notified by special Regulatory order named BSTI Regulation 1989 for this purpose. The BSTI marks cannot be used under any circumstances by others without approval in advance from BSTI.Only the standards approved, and passed by the Institution are called Bangladesh Standards.

About BSTI:

The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) was established by the Government through an Ordinance passed in July 1985. BSTI is headed by a Director General.

The primary activities of the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) are: standardi- zation of services and products (S); introduction of the international unit system of weights and measures and promotion of metrology services (M); promotion of quality assurance activities; rendering testing facilities for services and products; preparation, promotion and adoption of national standards. The Institution is also empowered with some regulatory measures in these fields.The Institutional budget is fully supported by its own income.

The importance of BSTI is being increasingly felt due to the government's cardinal policy to make industries export oriented and to supply the consumers at home and abroad with quality products. The Institution is emerging as a forceful exponent in the overall development of the country. The introduction of the international unit system (SI Units) and promotion of metrology services are also gaining momentum.


The functions of BSTI are conducted through some of its organs.The organs of BSTI are as follows:

1.The BSTI Council
...........2. The sectional Committees
...........3. The Director General and the staff.

Following are the organizations, duties and responsibilities of these organs

The BSTI Council:

The general direction and administration of the affairs and functions of the Institution is vested in a Council,which may exercise all powers and perform all functions, which may exercised or performed by the Institution. BSTI Council, the highest decision making organ of the Institution, consists of the following members:

a) The Minister in charge of Ministry of Industries, ex officio, shall also be the chairman of the council.

........b) The Secretary, Ministry of Industries, ex officio, shall also be the vice chairman of the council and,

........c) The Director General, ex officio, act as the secretary of the council.

........d) Representative from different Ministries, Business chembers, different scientific organization and Universities.

The Council shall in discharging it's duties, be guided by such instructions as may be given to it by the Government from time to time.

The sectional Committees:

➢ Chairman

➢ At least one member from the Institution

➢ Representatives from relevant Govt. / Autonomous bodies

➢ Representatives from universities, and

➢ Representatives from the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The Director General and staff:

BSTI is headed by a Director General who is the principal executive officer of the Institution and is...
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