Bangladesh Pure Food Ordinance-2005

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1.1 Background of the Report
Food safety legislation should be developed and updated taking into consideration specific needs of consumers and food producers, development in technology, emerging hazards, changing consumer demands and new requirements for trade, harmonization with international and regional standards, obligations under the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements, as well as social, religious and cultural habits. The implementation of food safety legislation throughout the food chain is essential in establishing an effective food safety system.

Effective national food control systems are essential to protect the health and safety of domestic consumers. They are also critical in enabling countries to assure the safety and quality of their foods entering international trade and to ensure that imported foods conform to national requirements.

The Bangladesh Pure Food Ordinance-2005 is the Bangladeshi food legislations that form the backbone of the food safety programme. The objective of the pure Food Act 2005 is to ensure that the public is protected from health hazards and fraud in the preparation, sale and use of foods and for matters connected therewith.

1.2 Scope of the report

Shehely Parvin, Assistant professor, Dhaka University and instructor of MKT-510 course made me to undertake the responsibility of preparing a project on “Bangladesh Pure Food Ordinance, 2005”.This report is required as a part of fulfilling the objectives of a project course (MKT-510) 1.3 Objective of the Study

This report has an objective to study, measure and analyze the implication, implementation & performance of Bangladesh Pure Food Ordinance, 2005. This report has divided into six major chapters, mainly focuses on 1. Pure food act of Bangladesh

2. Implications of pure act in Bangladesh
3. Recommendations for proper implementation of pure food act

1.4 Methodology:
To complete and prepare the report I had to collect information from different sources, persons, and industries. It required two sources of information namely primary source and secondary source. Data from both primary and secondary sources were used to generate the report.

Figure 1: Sources of data

I Data from primary source:

✓ Interview and face-to-face conversation with various types of persons ✓ Informally collected Information’s through discussion. ✓ Suggestion of many executives also helped to enrich the report. ✓ Practical work exposures.

II Data from Secondary source:

✓ Information is collected from Brochures and Relevant books.

✓ Data sources of different food companies.

✓ News Paper & Magazine regarding Banking issues, Seminar papers and so on.

1.5 Limitations
1. Time Constraint: Compared with the time the task is large that why it becomes difficult to complete the task on time properly. 2. Lack of Information: Lack of enough information was another constraint that extended our limitations.



Safe food contributes to health and productivity and provides an effective platform for development and poverty alleviation. People are becoming increasingly concerned about the health risks posed by microbial pathogens and potentially hazardous chemicals in food. Up to one-third of the populations of developed countries are affected by food borne illness each year, and the problem is likely to be even more widespread in developing countries. The poor are the most susceptible to ill-health. Food and waterborne diarrhoeal diseases, for example, are leading causes of illness and death in less developed countries, killing an estimated 2.2 million people annually, most of whom are children.

Diarrhoea is the most common symptom of food borne illness, but other serious consequences include kidney and liver failure, brain and neural disorders, and death.

Food safety refers to the...
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