Bangladesh Public Service Commission

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In Bangladesh, the entire framework for personnel management is a unified process. For a country to develop and keep up with the times, it is necessary that it creates a working infrastructure. It is the country's public services sector that is concerned with this. Public services in Bangladesh are services provided by the government to the community. The Ministry of Establishment and Public Service Commission are managing the entire personnel activities of Public sectors. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission plays a vital role in recruitment, promotion, discipline, posting and transfer of government servants. This constitutional body ensures that decisions relating to the public services sector are made in line with equity and merit.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission: Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC), established as an independent agency, is responsible for upholding merit in the staffing system of Bangladesh Civil service. It is primarily responsible for laying the foundation of the civil service through fair recruitment and selection of civil service officials that ultimately lays the foundation for good governance. This is why effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and transparency of BPSC are of utmost importance. Bangladesh Public Service Commission is a constitutional body established primarily to recruit persons for various services and posts in the government. It is also involved in decision processes relating to other service matters such as promotion, posting, transfer, discipline, and appeal of the government servants. The main purpose of constituting such a body, designated in most countries of British heritage as 'civil' or 'public' service commission, is to ensure that all decisions relating to recruitment and other service matters are made consistent with the principles of merit and equity. In Bangladesh, this body is presently designated as the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). The secretariat for the PSC is provided by officers on deputation from the Bangladesh civil service (BCS). It has two key constitutional functions: recruitment of civil servants; and an advisory/regulatory role with regards to the employment of civil servants. Recruitment – Class 1 Officers (roughly 8% of all civil servants and the key decision makers – all the administrative cadre are Class 1 officers) are recruited directly by the PSC through open competitive examination into 29 cadres and other government services. Numbers to be recruited are determined by the MOE which gathers the requirements for recruitment from the various ministries and government bodies. It then advises the PSC about how many to recruit for the various cadres. Recruitment follows Bangladesh Civil Service Recruitment Rules. Constitutional and Legal Framework

The position, status, scope and functions of PSC have been clearly determined by the Constitution of Bangladesh. Articles 137 to 141 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh set out in clear and unambiguous terms the scheme for the establishment of the Commission(s), appointment and re-appointment of Chairman and Members, conditions of appointment, terms of office, provisions of resignation, functions of the Commission, and annual report. PSC in the Constitution of Bangladesh

137.Establishment of Commissions
Provision shall be made by law for establishing one or more public service commissions for Bangladesh, each of which shall consist of a chairman and such other members as shall be Prescribed by law.

138.Appointment of members
(1) The chairman and other members of each public service commission shall be appointed by the President. Provided that not less than one-half of the members of a commission shall be persons who have held office for twenty years or more in the service of any government which has at any time functioned within the territory of Bangladesh. (2) Subject to any law made by Parliament the conditions...
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