Bangladesh Film Industry

Topics: Bengali cinema, Ritwik Ghatak, Tareque Masud Pages: 12 (4551 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Data Presentation and Analysis
One of my question was “What is it that attracts you to a Bangla movie?” 26% answered “acting”, 44% answered “story”, 17% answered “actors” and 13% answered “others”.

From the graph we can see that majority of the respondents, i.e. 44% like Bangla movie because of their story and 26% like because of acting. The major cause of this is that many respondents think that the acting and story of Bangladeshi movies are very funny. So in order to get entertained they watch Bangla movies. 17% of people like Bangla movies because of actors and 13% like it because of other reasons. Many of the respondents think that there are good actors because of which they watch Bangla movies and sometimes other reasons such good songs or costumes attracts them towards movies. My second question was “What is it that you do not like about a Bangla movie?” 23% answered “acting”, 20% answered “story” while “actors”, “location”, and “direction” were answered by 13%, 17% and 27% respectively.

From the data we can see that there are many things which people do not like about Bangla movies. 27% of people do not like movies because if its direction and 23% for its acting. 20,13 and 17 per cent of people do not like it because of story, actors and location respectively. According to the survey many people think that acting and direction of Bangladeshi movies are terrible. Maybe this is because of lack of training. There are others who think that stories of Bangla movies are pathetic because they are either very lame or copied from Hindi or English movies.

My third question was “How do you like watching movies?” 20% answered “cinema halls”, 30% answered “DVD’s” and 50% answered television.
From the pie chart we can see that 50% of the respondents prefer to watch movies on television. This is because they can get to watch movies for free and they can also share this moment with their family. Another reason may be that, since the majority viewers of Bangla movies are lower income people they do not have enough money to go to watch movies in cinema halls or buy DVD’s so they prefer watching it on television. Significant of people also respondent i.e. is 30% prefer watching movies on DVD’s. The biggest reason for this is that through DVD’s people can watch it anytime they want and it is also very cheap these days. Lastly 20% of the respondents prefer watching movies in cinema halls. Only few people like watching movies in cinema halls because of poor conditions of our cinema halls. The next question I asked my respondents was “On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being lowest and 5 highest) rate the performance of our new Cine Plexes.” 13% rated “1”, 27% answered rated “3”, 34% rated “4” and 26% rated “5”.

From the graph we can say that the performance of the Cine Plexes seems to be good. 34% of people rated “4” which shows that the majority of the people think that the new Cine Plexes are good. 26% of people think that the Cine Plexes are doing an excellent job which is a very positive sign for the Bangladeshi Film Industry. Only 13% of people think that the Cine Plexes are not performing how they should be. So we can say that the performance of the Cine Plexes lies in the range between “good” and “excellent”. The Cine Plexes are performing well in our country because they are equipped with the latest technologies such as digital cinema sound with Dolby Digital and DTS sound system, state of the art projection systems, comfortable seating arrangement etc which were not previously available in our cinema halls. Moreover, they also provide a variety of food items from popcorns to soft drinks which makes going to the movies more enjoyable. Another important reason is that the Cine Plexes show latest local and international movies which helps to attract more audiences. The following question was “How do you think the offbeat movies such as Monpura,Guerilla etc. are different from mainstream movies?” For this question...
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