Bangladesh Education System

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Bangladesh Education at a Glance
Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with about 140 million people within an area of 147,570 thousand square kilometers. Its vast population is one of the major resources. But the problem lies in transforming the potential people into a productive force and ensuring a dynamic environment for social, economic and political development. Though the literacy rate is officially said to be 66%, but according to private survey the rate is only 42%. Education therefore has been recognized as a priority sector by all governments since her independence. The mainstream education system in Bangladesh is structured as follows: -

Bangladesh education system in brief The three main educational systems in Bangladesh, ordered by decreasing student numbers, are: •General Education System
Madrasah Education System
Technical - Vocational Education System
Other systems include a Professional Education System.
Each of these three main systems is divided into four levels: •Primary Level (years 1 to 5)
Secondary Level (years 6 to 10)
Higher Secondary Level (years 11 and 12)
Tertiary Level


1. General Education
a) Primary Level
The first level of education is comprised of 5 years of formal schooling (class / grades I - V). Education, at this stage, normally begins at 6+ years of age up to 11 years. Primary education is generally imparted in primary schools. Nevertheless, other types of institutions like kindergartens and junior sections attached to English medium schools are also imparting it. b) Secondary & Higher Secondary Level

The second level of education is comprised of 7 (3+2+2) years of formal schooling. The first 3 years (grades VI-VIII) is referred to as junior secondary; the next 2 years (grades IX -X) is secondary while the last 2 years (grades XI - XII) is called higher secondary. In secondary education, there are three streams of courses such as, Humanities, Science and Business Education, which start at class IX, where the students are free to choose their course(s) of studies. The academic programme terminates at the end of class X when students are to appear at the public examination called S.S.C. (Secondary School Certificate). The Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Educations (BISE) conduct the S.S.C. examination. The secondary education is designed to prepare the students to enter into the higher secondary stage which is being offered by Intermediate Colleges or by intermediate section of degree or master colleges. c) Tertiary Level

The third stage of education is comprised of 2-6 years of formal schooling. The minimum requirement for admission to higher education is the higher secondary certificate (H.S.C). HSC holders are qualified to enroll in 3-year degree pass courses while for honours, they may enroll in 4-year bachelors' degree honours courses in degree level colleges or in the universities. After successful completion that, one can enroll in the master's degree course. Master degree courses are of one year for honours bachelor degree holders and 2 years for pass bachelor degree holders. For those aspiring to take up M.Phil and Ph.D courses in selected disciplines. The duration is of 2 years for M.Phil and 3-4 years for Ph.Ds after completion of master's-degree.

ii) University
There are 73 universities in Bangladesh. Out of these, 21 universities are in the public sector, while the other 52 are in the private sector. Out of 21 public sector universities, 19 universities provide regular classroom instruction facilities and services. Bangladesh Open University (BOU) offers Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and Master of Education (M.Ed) degrees. BOU conducts 18 formal courses and 19 non-formal courses. Bangladesh National...
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