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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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IDS 355
Introduction to Operations Management

Fall 2012

INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Aris Ouksel

Office: UH 2411
Phone: 312-996-0771
Office Hours:By appointment in UH 2411

INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Doug Lundquist

Office: UH 2320
Office Hours:By appointment in UH 2320


TA/Instructor:Tapas Patil
Office Hours:by appointment

TA/Instructor:Viswanath Ramachandran
Office Hours:by appointment

TA/Instructor:Rajeev Ravikumar
Office Hours:by appointment

TA/Instructor:Melroy Rodrigues
Office Hours:by appointment

TA/Instructor:Venkatram Samavedula
Office Hours:by appointment

TA/Instructor:Imran Shaik
Office Hours:by appointment

|Call # |Day |Time |Room |TA |e-mail | |14004 |Monday |8:00 – 8:50am |L270 EPASW |Vishwanath Ramachandran | | |14005 |Wednesday |3:00 – 3:50pm |L270 EPASW |Tapas Patil | | |14006 |Friday |9:00 – 9:50am |L270 EPASW |Venkatram Samavedula | | |14007 |Tuesday |2:30 – 3:20pm |L270 EPASW |Rajeev Ravikumar | | |14008 |Thursday |4:30 – 5:20pm |SEL 2249 (not 2249F!) |Melroy Rodrigues | | |14009 |Friday |3:00 – 3:50pm |L270 EPASW |Venkatram Samavedula | | |14010 |Tuesday |8:00 – 8:50am |L270 EPASW |Imran Shaik | | |14011 |Monday |5:00 – 5:50pm |SEL 2058 |Melroy Rodrigues | | |30295 |Wednesday |9:00 – 9:50am |L270 EPASW |Vishwanath Ramachandran | | |30296 |Thursday |9:30 – 10:20am |L270 EPASW |Rajeev Ravikumar | | |30297 |Thursday |5:00 – 5:50pm |L270 EPASW |Imran Shaik | | |30298 |Thursday |3:30 – 4:20pm |L270 EPASW |Tapas Patil | | 1. General Information

Operations Management is the management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services. It is about how efficiently a company can produce goods and /or provide services. As companies are increasingly competing on the basis of time, cost and service, managing operations becomes critical for the competitiveness of any business. Studying operations management gives you important knowledge concerning how they do this.

Since operations are a key part of the existence of a company, everyone in business deals with them directly or indirectly. If you are involved in making a decision concerning marketing or accounting or finance or human resources or information systems, you should be concerned about operations. In this course, you will learn about the operations manager’s view of the company and will learn about the techniques and procedures of making good decisions in managing operations. Activities in the lab will show you how you can use analytical tools to...
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