Bang Bang You'Re Dead

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Response to Bang Bang You’re Dead:

The concept of the hero and villain depend on ones point of view. In Bang Bang You’re Dead, the main character Josh is viewed as a villain by everyone except himself. In his mind, the murders he committed were purely for the sake of justice, an avenging of the wrongs done to him by others.

However, it isn’t until later when the voices of the kids he murdered are tormenting him, breaking through his ‘mask’ to his inner vulnerabilities, that he becomes truly troubled. The story of Josh and his grandpa hunting the buck is a key part in the story because it was the moment he felt compassion and hesitation, but ignored these feelings in order to complete the task at hand, the task he was determined to carry out. Of course, every Villain has a motive for what he does, and is who he is because of a driving factor. In Josh’s case, the humiliation he suffered at school from fellow classmates cause the downhill spiral that led to his actions.

Considering this, it is plausible to see why in his own mind Josh is the hero of his story; a kind of one-man Alamo against the forces of evil within his school. The significance of the point of view is everything. When it boils down to it, the only ‘right’ course of action is that which is determined by the greater majority, even if it leads to war and ultimately thousands of deaths. At the end of the play, the voices succeed in penetrating the last of Josh’s defenses, bringing into light the harsh reality of his predicament. By shifting his point of view to see his crimes subjectively, his sense of justice quickly transforms into horror as he finally sees the true nature of his actions.
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