Bandwagoning in Sports

Topics: Premier League, Bandwagon, Liverpool F.C. Pages: 3 (1386 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Bandwagoning is a cultural phenomenon that is good for business, but ethically pathetic, pitiful, and deplorable to what we call sport. Where did the term bandwagon come from? What does it mean? Whenever a particular team does well, more people come. Winning sells tickets, merchandise and sponsorships. That is part of the deal. Sport is a business. A perfect analogy to sports is that sports are like movies. A horrid team that does not win is like a tragedy. The main character dies and everyone is sad at the end and typically people are not going to want to talk about it. A great team is like a great action movie where the main character falls in love and kills the enemy in the process. It will sell and keep peoples’ attention. According to the Fallacy Files, the term bandwagon came from “the phrase ‘jump on the bandwagon’ or ‘climb on the bandwagon', a bandwagon being a wagon big enough to hold a band of musicians. In past political campaigns, candidates would ride a bandwagon through town, and people would show support for the candidate by climbing aboard the wagon. The phrase has come to refer to joining a cause because of its popularity.” The popularity in a sport sense is a team that is only winning in the present. The Bandwagon Fallacy is committed whenever one argues for an idea based upon an irrelevant appeal to its popularity. True fans are hard to find. What characteristics make up a true fan? They are not just someone who paints their body in their team’s colors. Just because someone is mental enough to make themself look ridiculous does not mean that they are a true fan. A true fan is someone who has been exposed to their team for as long as they can remember. They have to be exposed to a particular team from an early age and stick by that team even if the team is terrible. What it is supposed to be is “an allegiance or devotion to a particular team that is based on the spectator’s interest in the team that has developed over time.” Fans...
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