Bandidos Trial: Wayne Kellestine

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Bandidos Trial – Wayne Kellestine

The Accused
The Bandidos massacre had accused several people. Six people were charged with eight counts of first degree murder. Those charged were Wayne Kellestine, Michael Sandham, and Dwight Mushey, Frank Mather, and Marcelo Aravena, and Brett Gardiner. Wayne “Weiner” Kellestine was, at the time of the massacre, a 56 year old man. He owned a farm in Dutton, Ontario. He was a fully initiated and active member of the Bandidos biker gang in Toronto. Bandidos were highly disorganized, prone to infighting and sabotaging fellow members, and dismissive of the warnings of the powerful American leadership, the Canadian club, was known as the No Surrender Crew. (Rabb, 2010) Wayne was also a fan of Nazism.

Details of the Crime
On April 8th 2006, in a small town south of London Ontario, eight dead bodies were found spread amongst three vehicles. There was a lot of tension between the Canadian Bandidos gangs. The Toronto gang was sponsoring the Winnipeg probation chapter, who wanted to have full status in the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Because of the conflict, Wayne Kellestine was ordered by American Bandidos to “pull the patches” or strip the membership of people in the Toronto Bandidos. (Edwards, 2009). Removing the status of the members would raise Wayne’s own status within the organization. (Allison, 2009). The night before the bodies were found, Wayne called the eight soon to be victims and the five other Bandidos members to his barn. He then led each of the victims out of the barn one at a time and shot them. He even shot at Michael Sandham, who was wearing a bullet proof vest causing him to shoot and kill another one of the victims. (Allison, 2009) After the massacre was over the victims’ bodies were then stuffed into the back of three vehicles and were later discovered.

The Victims
There were eight victims; Jamie Flanz, George Jessome, George Kriarakis, John Muscedere, Luis Raposo, Frank Salerno, Paul Sinopoli, Michael...
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