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1. Analyze the current status and awareness of Bandai in your country. Vietnam as a part in Asia market is a new growth segment in Bandai Namco strategies. The company pursues to target true globalization by strengthening links between Japan and Asia. Along with many co-ordinations between two governments, Japan products and brands have been building good reputation and loyalty to Vietnamese customers for a long time. A. Five Force Model

The central question in evaluating Namco Bandai business prospects is “what’s the company‘s present situation?” In this article, I focus on analyzing competitive conditions in Vietnam market in which the company operates. To figure out the current status and awareness of Bandai in Vietnam, the five-forces model of competition of Michael E.Porter is the key analytical tool. It not only concerns with the external environment, but also brings a framework of macro factors being relating to Bandai’s situation. In particular analyzing way, I transform this model to illustrate how Bandai’s products are aware of Vietnamese customers.

As Business Area Strategies of Bandai in Asia and the facts in Vietnam, the pages emphasize on toy and hobby SBU. Market position
1. The rivalry among competing sellers
Vietnam market contains about 100 domestic business establishments and factories; however, almost of their products are not appreciated by Vietnamese customers. Now over 80 percentages of toys in the market are original from China and the rest one mostly represents to Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore manufactures. Bandai is one of companies participating in traditional toy industry mostly known by Gundam robot, Power Rangers series, etc. In this sector, there are four main competitors which are Mattel, Habro, Lego and Namco Bandai with the rates of turn as 11,37%, 7,76%, 5,9% and 6,85% . The company is considered as the top producer in assembly robot toys in Vietnam beside Barbie dolls of Mattel, moving toys of Hot Wheels, transport model of Tomy, intellectual toys of Fisher Price, Lego. It can be seen that strength of rivalry in Vietnam market is so strong that has effects on many aspects of Bandai business strategy. Competitors have been investing more in this industry which may put new pressure on Bandai to respond with offensive and defensive moves. Since the toys and entertainment products in the industry members are quite differentiated (Each company mainly represents to several special targeted products), Bandai can weaken competitive pressures of the other rivalries. In Vietnam, Bandai holds advantages in character toys, assembly robot toys such as Power Rangers series, Senpai, Gundam or Cruse Gear; the Tamagotchi series and game about Pac man. 2. Threat of New Entrants

This industry in Vietnam refers to low exit barriers. With a large number of consumers, Vietnam has been still a very attractive market to new investors. However, Bandai has been necessarily looking to expand its market reach because of the domination of Chinese products so that it is needed to build suitable strategies against new entrants. 3. Bargaining power of suppliers

Bandai’s toy and hobby are created from the sources of characters in Japan anime, cartoon and video game. From years, the Japan anime (supopayi) has been close friends going along with many generations of the Vietnamese young such as seven dragon balls, sailor moon, Naruto, Ninja Kids, etc. It is considered as one of the main competitive advantages of Bandai toys to the other rivalries. CONCLUSION: Bandai has entered into Vietnamese market for years. It established a quite strong position and built certain competitive advantage from rivalries. Consumers have been aware of strength products of Bandai company. Bandai caught up preference of Vietnamese customers; however, its large potential market segment still asks the company to research and develop more. Kinds of target...
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