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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Being a part of this band has in itself been a memorable experiance, an experiance i would not trade for the world. However this past year I lost hope in band and was actually really close to quitting band all together. I had forgotten why i was a part of marching band with the stress of my school work and frustration over my tiredness in cross country. But when we played at our lakeshore competition i felt something that i had never before felt in the band. I had walked of the feild with what felt like a runner's high, only difference is that I had just marched in arguably the most epic performance i have ever been a part of. I have to thank that feeling i got at the end of the show for the reason i am applying for leadership, and that is something i do not think i could ever forget. When looking beyond the extra little something to set me apart on my colledge applications the only gains i can see from me being in leadership is personal. I know that i will benefit from this because it will help me refine my personality. Being in a leadership position of Captain in track and Craoss country has help make me more aware of how i can help others. I have also learned from my job about how to be more of a people person. Being a drill instructer will allow me to fine tune these developing qualitys to help improve me as a person for when i leave highschool and eneter the real world. This position of drill instructor will also allow me to gain the experiance as a leader. I know i have what it takes to be a great leader and i would like to improve thiswith the experiance being a drill instructor will allow me to do. To be honest i have applied for this position three times now and there is not much more i can say beyond this; I know i have what it takes to be one of the best options for the trumpet leadership. But I will take the time to highlight my three best traits i have to offer the leadership. First off i work hard, I tend to push myself to my limits and i benefit...
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