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Topics: Management, Leadership, Time Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Loyalty, dedication, perseverance, the willingness to take advice from other people, and the ability to be able to work with others are some of the personal strengths that I have and will use to make this band a better program. Some areas that this band program needs to improve on are the way the members take it for granted the fact that they have a program. Honestly it is ridiculous that some of our own leaders don’t follow their own orders, and as a result it becomes a habit for others to follow them and it will affect us on our playing because everyone will think that it is ok to not come to practice or just come really late to practice all the time. I would try to fix this problem enforcing the times that we have to be in our chairs paying attention to our directors. I want to see more our sections getting closer to each other instead of all of us fighting and just being mean to each other. This fighting is completely worthless for the fact that we are all on the same team, we should work together like a family. I would want to try and get the whole band together and try to have a social event at the beginning of the year and at the end. These two times will bring all of us together like never before.

My teacher, is a great teacher and a humble man that I look up to because he is a teacher while serving our country in the army. I interviewed on his intake of leadership. He said that leadership is when a leader puts themselves in the position of their followers. I learned that as a leader I shouldn’t put myself over them in a way where I am like a dictator. Also that we are all equal and that we have a voice. Even though some of this is true, I disagree with the part that everyone has a voice because if they did then who will follow the leader if that leader has no followers.

During this week I had to do a service project for this position of office, but I never really considered a chore because I like to help people because I reality I did about 2 or 3...
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