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Compare and contrast “The F Word” by Firoozeh Dumas and “Peeling Bananas” by Wendy Lee “The F Word” by Firoozeh Dumas and “Peeling Bananas” by Wendy Lee, tell stories on their encounter on migrating from their previous homes. They are both faced and challenged with negativity. Eventually, they look for ways to revolve those problems to fit in with the community. In “The F Word”, Dumas asks Americans to open up and accept foreign cultures. Dumas and her family moved to America; due to the misunderstanding in her name when she was in middle school, it was hard to fit with her peers which made her feel the need to change her name. But as she grew older, she decided to change her name back to Firoozeh. As for “Peeling Bananas”, Lee was born and bred in America. Her problem did not have to do with her name but rather, skin; as she was compared to a banana yellowish skin but having the mindset of an American.

Both stories have similarities and differences such of which include; both authors make attempts to fit into the American society. They both experienced this at a young age which tells on how this impact was great because they were vulnerable. Lee was born in America by Chinese parents and Dumas was born Iran by Iran parents. Both had problems from the society which brought about their search for a solution. Dumas spoke to her family about changing the name that she was given whereas Lee searched for a way to balance both worlds (Being an American and a Chinese); she was still eating with chopsticks. Dumas’ main focus for wanting “a change” was to fit in with her peers. While Lees’ was that she wanted a change but didn’t want it because she still wanted to keep her heritage.

Even though both stories have their differences, both writers end up facing their challenges head on.

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