Bananas and Oranges: a Comparison Between Two Fruits

Topics: Banana, Fruit, Agriculture Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Bananas and Oranges: A Comparison Between Two Fruits
As I sat down to write my compare and contrast essay, I thought it would be a simple task. Oh, how wrong I was! Coming up with two subjects to compare differences was easy, but finding ones with similarities also? Not so much. I have researched and googled every important issue that I thought would be interesting to debate, but did not have any luck of finding something inspiring. Finally, I decided that I was making this more difficult than it had to be. So, here we are at the purpose of this essay. I chose two popular fruits that actually have more in common than I originally thought. I am going to compare bananas and oranges based on a couple of factors that a person would use when deciding between the two: the nutrition that it provides and their physical characteristics. When I started listing the differences and similarities between bananas and oranges, I really thought that the nutrition they provide would be one of the areas where they differ. However, I discovered that both fruits are a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamin c. I already knew that bananas provide potassium and oranges provide vitamin c. I was surprised to find out that each fruit was a considerable source of the other, and that both ranked high in fiber, as well. (National Agricultural Library, Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture) Since both bananas and oranges are considered good sources of the same key nutrients, a person would have some variety if trying to choose a fruit based on that trait. That leads me into another important deciding factor, and how the two fruits differ. I feel that I am like most people in that if I do not enjoy the taste or texture of a food, it would not matter how beneficial it is for my health; I would just not eat it, plain and simple. The good thing about having a variety is the ability to be picky. I think a banana has a mildly sweet flavor which makes it...
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