Banana Time Case Instructions

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  • Published : June 3, 2011
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As you first read the Banana Time case you might be asking yourself, “what do I do with this case? There are no questions at the end to which I can simply respond”. Attempting to analyze a social system or group such as described in the Banana Time case can be an awkward, chaotic experience, especially at first. Start with your primary task which is to 1) identify each of the social system elements (as listed in bullet points below and on page 83) and 2) to see if you can describe the interaction between the elements. In other words, can you diagnose why what is happening is happening? Much like a medical doctor would trace the cause of symptoms, you’ll need to look at the results of this group’s efforts in 3 areas: Productivity, Satisfaction and Development. Describe how the group is doing in these 3 critical areas (are they productive—getting the work done as well as they could be, are they satisfied, and are they growing and developing). As you assess how they are doing in these 3 areas, consult the Social System Conceptual Scheme on page 83 of your text to see what might be causing the results you’ve observed and described.

So start by seeing if you can identify/describe the elements of the system listed below (as shown on page 83):

Background Factors
1.Personal systems
2.External status
3.Organizational Culture
5.Reward System
Leadership style
Required System
Emergent System

After you have picked out examples of these elements above, see if you can trace their interplay and affect on 1) productivity, 2) satisfaction and 3) development. For instance, what impact has the leadership style had on productivity? Satisfaction? Development? Good or bad--explain.

Also, what impact have the background factors had on these 3 results? What have the job requirements (Required system) impact been on those 3...
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