Banana Time

Topics: Behavior, Social relation, Sociology Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: January 1, 2013
'Banana Time' Case study
 1.    What does this story mean?
 The story demonstrates trough and empirical study how individuals at work create a social group to ease the pressure of their work. In their case the work allocated to them was repetitive and did not have any challenges. In these kind of working environments creating social activities are key to keep you and the group entertained. Also it is interesting to note how certain behaviours are repeated and what difference they make in the everyday work. Social activities like the ‘Banana Time’ could increase productivity and also bring the working group closer. When these activities temporarily stopped the work become boring and despair once again. It is important to observe social behaviour at work as it gathers data, which can be used to improve productivity. Also it highlights the areas of development in organizational effectiveness. On the other hand it shows how important social interaction is in working environments. I consider the story as it is about the irrationality of people and not entirely about the organizational ‘misbehaviour’.  Irrationality appears between workers to change the monotony of their boring and repetitive work. These informal social activities, like  ‘Banana Time’, were created as a form of some kind of incentive to make their time at work more satisfying.  There is no clear evidence in this case study how these activities affected productivity. Overall we can say that a positive working environment is more productive than one where are not any social interactions involved.  

 2.    Managing employee behaviour
 Management should create a more positive working environment. From the workers behavior it is clear that there is no incentive to work for and also it highlights the lack of supervision. The management does not need to increase supervision just appoint a leader to delegate the team. The workers should not be fired or the group broken up as they have formed a strong and...
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