Banana Sushi Outline

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Banana Sushi outline


I. How many of you have ever tried or eaten a peanut butter and banana sandwich? For those who have banana sushi is exactly that but much more fun and exciting to do at home.
Transition: let’s start by getting ingredients


I. The first step is to get all of the ingredients.

A. There are certain ingredients needed to make banana sushi; the first step is to gather them.

1. You will need the peanut butter of your choice (smooth works better)

2. You will need two pieces of bread

3. And you will need a fresh banana

Transition: now that we have the ingredients we can get the materials

B. There are also certain materials necessary to make banana sushi; the second step is to gather those.

1. You will need a butter knife

2. You will need a rolling pin

3. And you will need some type of cutting board.

Transition: Now that we have both the ingredients and the materials to make banana sushi we can start making it!

C. Now you can start making it.

1. The first step is to cut all the crust off of the bread and dispose of it, then to lay the edges of the bread on top of each other and flatten it together with the rolling pin.

2. The second step is to then take the butter knife and spread the peanut butter over the bread.

3. The third step is to take your banana, peel it and cut it into coin size pieces and lay them neatly on the bread covered with peanut butter.

4. The final step is to roll the bread and then cut it into sections


I. The three steps in making banana sushi:

A. The first step is gathering the ingredients

B. The second step is gathering the materials

C. The third step is making it.

II. Now that I’ve shown you guys a fun new way to eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich otherwise known as banana sushi, I hope you will try it at least once in your life because it’s always nice to try something new.
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