Banana Peeling as an Alternative Shoe Polish

Topics: Shoe polish, Wax, Footwear Pages: 4 (1054 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion-Main
45 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City

Science Investigatory Project
Banana Peeling as an Alternative Shoe Polish

Hannah Gabrielle Doncillo
Anne Mariae Dalocanog


We all know that our country today is suffering from crisis. That was the reason why we want to launch this study, since shoe polish now a days is very needed and is costly, we want to produce a more cheaper and efficient shoe polish to use. This project determines the possibility of the variety of banana peelings as shoe polish cream. Then it was compared to the commercial shoe polish in terms of effectiveness using the acceptability test. And this test resulted that banana peelings had no significant difference to commercial shoe polish. We therefore conclude that banana peelings showed potential to be an alternative shoe polish.

iii. Acknowledgement
This investigatory project would never been realized without the financial support, effort and unselfish assistance of the people who willingly helped the researchers .In due recognition of all those who contributed to the success of this study, the researchers extend their deep gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the following:

First of all, our almighty God, the creator and savior who give life, good health, wisdom and guidance to finish this investigatory project.

Ms. Roneth Edullantes, our subject teacher and Ms. Rhea Niere, who gives support and guidance to make this study successful.

Lastly, to our parents for the financial assistance and guidance to the researchers to make this project successful.

iv. Table of Contents
Title page ................................i
Abstract .................................. ii
Acknowledgement................. iii
Table of Contents ................... iv

I. Title:
Banana Peeling...
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