Banana Na Na Na

Topics: United Fruit Company, United States, International trade Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Banana Wars

1. Who is the winner and in the loser the banana wars?
The winner/s:
The clear winner in the banana wars are the Transnational Companies (Dole and Chiquita) because they can now sell there product with lower tariff and the same time their product price became more competitive in the market. Another winner in this banana wars are the politicians who are being supported financially by Dole, who has known for giving generous some of support to both the Republican and Democratic parties. And lastly, the CEOs because of their efforts to persuade US help them to complain for the unjust trade of banana in the EU.

The loser/s:
The loser in the banana wars local producers of bananas in EU. The cost of marketing their banana will increase because of the bananas that were imported and with lower price coming from the US. Another loser of the banana wars are the small business who can not cope in the banana market because of competition.

2. Is the US response silly?
Yes, how come that the US will start a banana war simply because the transnational companies who operated in EU is losing in the market. Although it is their right to protest on the tariff and quotas uplifted EU to transnational companies, the EU is simply protecting its local banana industry and its producers. Since EU can produce banana keeping out or limiting imported banana can help them to maintain a healthy local banana industry.

3. What potential threats to WTO are illustrated by the banana wars?
The threats to WTO are the country’s that would try to oppose its ruling like the United States. And the politicians who is saying that their country is not oblige to comply with WTO rules, and again one classic example is the US.
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