Ban5413 -- Supply Chain & Logistics Module

Topics: Management, Logic, Logistics Pages: 3 (480 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Business Administration Discipline

BAN5413 -- Supply Chain & Logistics Module

2010 – 2011
(1st Semester)


1.0 Introduction

The objectives of this assignment are for students:
- collating information of real firms and associating them with what have learnt in the lectures; and - applying the knowledge learnt in lectures to analyse the case, to identify issues/problems and/or to formulate solutions/recommendations.


- Identify a well-known company whose information can be easily obtained (e.g. IKEA, Dell, Toyota, 7-Eleven, P&G,, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Zara, Marks & Spencer, etc). Search for information on the business of the company and its supply chain and logistics management. - You are not expected to cover every aspects of the supply chain and logistics management of the company. Identify one or more topics you find interesting from this module (i.e. warehouse management, transportation management, just-in-time, inventory management, global logistics, etc) - Submit a written report of not less than 800 words (excluding appendix) with the following contents: ➢ Describe the business, products/services, size, organization, etc. of the company ➢ Describe the status quo of the supply chain and logistics management of the company, and identify focuses of interest for your case analysis ➢ Apply what you have learnt in the lectures to analysis the case and identify the key issues/problems ➢ Draw conclusion, or suggest improvements/recommendations, if any

3.0Submission Deadline

- Assignment must be received by Dec 1, 2010.
- Penalty for any late submission:

|Deadline exceeded by |Outcome | |1 calendar day |Marks reduced by 20% | |2 calendar...
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