Ban on Smoking?

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Tobacco, Passive smoking Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Should smoking be banned in public areas?
Today I will be talking about the issue of banning the smoking of tobacco in public areas in Victoria. As you have most likely seen in the newspapers and on the news Victoria is pushing to place an increasing amount of bans on smoking, The idea of banning smoking in public places altogether comes after the positive results of banning smoking in enclosed public places which was put into effect in July 2007. Smoking is australias largest preventable cause of death and disease with a tobacco-related death occurring every 28 minutes which accumulates to almost 20,000 deaths a year. Scientific studies have proved that smoking is unhealthy to not just the smokers but who surrounds them, there are two types of smokers, active and passive smokers, it is against the passives smokers will to be smoking if an active smoker decides to smoke in a public place. That is one of the many points of why I believe smoking should be banned in public areas. For those who do not know Cigarettes are made up of tobacco leaves that are dried out cured and aged and then combined with other ingredients depending on what way the tobacco will be used. Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 various chemicals, of course not all of them are poisonous but of the many that are 43 are carcinogenics, carcinogens are chemicals which cause cancers and Around 20 people a day die from cancer caused by the carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Even with the constant warning on tv and on the packets themselves people still continue to put their lives at risk by smoking. The smoking of cigarettes is still considered cool among the younger boys and girls, with cigarettes usually being associated with maturity and intellect. However the cost of being considered cool is burdened with severe health risks, smoking affects almost all of the important organs, including the heart, the lungs and the central nervous system. Tobacco contains carbon monoxide which is a colourless and...
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