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By | May 2011
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Film Review of ‘Golconda High School’

These days most of the schools do not have playgrounds at all and the students are getting overburdened with their regular studies. In case they find time, they either watch TV or play computer games and there is no physical exercise at all. In the earlier days, schools used to have a separate period for games and drill and there are playgrounds and there used to be drill masters and physical trainers. Now, the parents have changed their mindset and are concentrating on how to make their children toppers in class and in other entrance tests like Eamcet and IIT and ignoring the value of games and sports. ‘Golconda High School’ was made only to enlighten the parents to come out of that mindset as playing games will develop concentration and made them excel in their academics. Story:

Sampath (Sumanth) is one of the best cricketers of Golconda High School. However, in a bid to foil his attempts to earn name and fame, his friend Sundar (Raviprakash) plays a trick and get him run out in a match. But Sampath never complains about this and instead resigns as cricket captain. Even after that Sundar continues to propaganda that Sampath resorted to several malpractices and gets him black-listed from cricketing. After a few years, Viswanath (Tanikella Bharani) finds his address and invites him to the school. He tells him to prepare a good cricket team for the school and appoints him as the coach. Sampath refuses to take up the job, but accepts later as he understands that some real estate businessman Kiriti (Subbaraju) is eyeing the high school play ground to construct a multi-storeyed building in the name of a coaching centre. He enlightens not only the students but also their parents the values of the game, and how games and sports would sharpen their academic skills. The GHS team, which can’t even move out of the knock-out stage for the past several years, reaches the finals under the guidance of Sampath. Did Sampath won the...

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