Ban Cigarette Smoking

Topics: Smoking, Lung cancer, Tobacco Pages: 5 (1210 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Cigarette Smoking Should Be Prohibited
In this modern world, there are many places in public for everyone to be entertained, study, and socialize together. Besides that, a good environment in communities is the main concern for all people. It allows people to maintain their health, such as breathing and movement of blood cell in the body consistently. However, there are a lot of factors that might be harmful to everyone’s health such as hazardous chemicals, effects of radiation, and especially cigarette smoking. It not only effects people who smoke, but it also causes a serious problem for non- smokers and damages the environment in society. Due to its negative habit, cigarette smoking has to be banned in all public places.

For many centuries, many smokers have considered cigarettes as a small part of their lives. Moreover, they also claim that smoking everyday will help them relax, get rid of stress, and work better for brain function. However, not all people realize the negative effects of cigarette smoking will damage their health seriously. Many scientists have proved that smoking is dangerous for health. In other words, it will cause heart disease, lung cancer, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and other illnesses that relate to cigarette smoke as well. According to the Issue and Controversies article, “The WHO based its recommendation on a study by California's Environmental Protection Agency, which asserts that cigarette smoke causes lung cancer, heart disease, adult asthma, premature birth and sudden infant death syndrome, and might also contribute to breast cancer”(“Update…” para 27). As a result, many people will suffer from these consequences of smoking. The reason for this is cigarettes contain a large amount of chemical substances which damage the cells in human body. As, authors Qamar, Wajhul, and Sultana explained, “The most damaging effect of the cigarette smoke has been found on the lung epithelium is cell death. Toxicants are known to cause disruptions in architecture and functions of lung epithelium can lead to enduring alterations in lung physiology and progression to chronic diseases.” (Qamar 500). As a matter of fact, lungs are the most important organs because they allow humans to breathe. The main function of lungs is fueling oxygen in the body and eliminating carbon dioxide. Many scientists explain that cigarette smoke is the biggest problem today that threatens people’s lives and this controversial issue is something that Health Care Department is really concerned about.

Another reason for banning cigarette smoke is the effect of cigarettes on non- smokers. Especially, secondhand smoke is extremely harmful for children, pregnant women, older people, and others as well. For the people who smoke, they tend to argue that the restriction on cigarette smoke is not fair and it takes all their freedom away. However, a fact that they don’t understand is cigarette smoke causes health dangers to non-smokers. According to a case study, “The seven-year, ten-country study shows exposure to passive smoke increases the risks of respiratory disease by thirty percent and lung cancer by thirty four percent, and it also shows the risk to children increases rapidly with greater exposure can lead to cancer”( "New Evidence…” para 2). In the same way, it increases more dangers to non-smokers that are in contact with people who are smoking a cigarette nearby. For example, bartenders, waitresses, and waiters are the victims of the secondhand smoke, because they stand in the bars and restaurants for a long period of time. It is unfair for people who work in these environments because they risk their health the most. Secondhand smoke is a major cause of non-smokers diseases in organs and results in the same cancer as regular smokers. Therefore, it is difficult for people to maintain their health in harmful habits. It is also dangerous for many non-smokers who are choosing not to...
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