Bamboozled Response Paper

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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“Bamboozled” response paper by G.Szner
“Bamboozled” written and directed by Spike Lee is an outstanding movie describing a problem of racial injustice in the United States. I can say so because while watching it, I felt constantly anxious and interested about what was going on screen. All of the characters in “Bamboozled” were amazingly grotesque, and that was why I had to be more cautious to grasp the essence of the picture.

The protagonist of the movie, Pierre Delacroix (whose real name is Peerless Dothan), is a well-educated and intelligent African American working for a television company as a screenwriter. Even though he is somehow successful, he’s also dissatisfied with his job, or rather – his employer. Dunwitty, a white senseless man, who happens to be Delacroix’s boss, admires his subordinate’s intelligence, but still rejects every of his script for TV shows as they present blacks in a positive manner. I find Dunwitty an odd and controversial character as he talks like a black urban male and overuses a word “nigger”, claiming it is not offensive in any way, moreover he claims to be more black than Delacroix himself, since he’s married to a black woman and have two mixed race children.

With Delacroix’s dissatisfaction grows also his desire to create a politically wrong TV show pointing at racial injustice, which is also supposed to result in firing its author so his contract wouldn’t be violated by himself (which would have taken place in case he quits his job). As he decides, he initiates his plan with help of his co-worker, Sloan Hopkins. The plan was to create “Mantan: The New Millenium Minstrel Show”, in which two African Americans were to perform racist jokes in blackface. I think it was both risky and courageous of Pierre to execute such a plan. It was also ruthless and smart of him to outwit his supervisor. Later on, as we continue to watch the film, we can see that Delacroix succeed in putting his show on air, but surprisingly… not only his...
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