Balochistan Issue

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  • Published: December 13, 2012
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|Intense media scrutiny and concern over the fate of "missing persons" in Balochistan at the hands of the Frontier Corps in an environment of | |fear and loathing amidst a separatist insurgency that is taking a toll of civilians and soldiers has finally pressurized the government and | |military to take a fresh look at the "problem of Balochistan" and think of ways to "solve" it. The PM has set up a six-pronged framework - | |administrative, operational, developmental, administrative, legal and political -- for finding the right solution via a six member steering | |committee comprising three members each from the federal and provincial governments. General Ashfaq Kayani has chipped in by saying that there | |can be no military solutions to political problems. Is this a genuinely new initiative capable of delivering solutions? | | | |We are not sanguine. Four years ago, President Asif Zardari pledged to solve the problem "inherited from the Musharraf regime". There was some | |to-ing and fro-ing. Later, a constitutional package of devolution and additional funds to go with it was unveiled for Balochistan. Rehman Malik| |tried to pacify the leaders of the nationalist movement in exile. But then the government lost sight of the ball in Balochistan as it became | |increasingly embroiled in bitter battles with the judges, generals, oppositionists, criminals, sectarianists and terrorists. Today, in the | |run-up to the elections, when the PPP government is besieged on all fronts more than ever before, it is unrealistic to expect any concrete or | |positive initiatives from them. | |...
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