Topics: Sociology, Islam, Sharia Pages: 8 (1945 words) Published: February 20, 2013

1. Gender discrimination in our society
2. The cost of energy crisis in Pakistan
3. Literacy is the only panacea for the ills of Pakistan
4. Media: A double aged weapon
5. Pakistan: An administrative malice
6. Islam in the civilization perspective
7. Climate change: A fact or fiction?
8. Unbridled liberty is no liberty: Limits of freedom of expression 9. Judicial activism and judicial restraint in Pakistan
10. Beggars cannot be choosers
11. Modernisation vs Westernisation
12. Economic independence ensures sovereignty

[size=150]Current Affairs

1. Democratisation in Middle East
2. SAARC and regional development
3. Baluchistan imbroglio
4. Crisis of governance in Pakistan
5. Global warming or warning?
6. The gigantic challenges faced by Pakistan
7. The failure of UNO
8. The expansionist foreign policy of the sole superpower, USA 9. Disaster management in Pakistan: A consequence in mismanagement 10. The Muslim Ummah: A myth
11. Pakistan-USA relationship: A tale of distrust
12. Energy crisis is a major cause of economic meltdown in Pakistan 13. National education policy of Pakistan, 2009
14. Pakistan-India relations: From hostility to thaw-exploring a new South-Asian destiny 15. American exit from Afghanistan, 2014 and the repercussions for Pakistan 16. China-Pakistan relations: From strategic to economic cooperation 17. The cost of war on terror for Pakistan

18. Memo-gate (civil-military balance in Pakistan)
19. Democracy: The case for Pakistan
20. Judicial activism vs judicial restraint in Pakistan
21. Obama's four more years-confrontation or conciliation?: US priorities for the 21st century 22. Geo-strategic importance of Pakistan
23. Attack on Malala: Growing extremism in Pakistan


1. Define Wahi in the light of the Holy Quran and Hadith. How Wahisolves our problems? Also write its types. 2. What are the individual and collective benefits of the belief in Tauheed and Day of Judgment? 3. Write notes on Namaz, Roza and Zakat.

4. Define primary and secondary sources of law.
5. Discuss in detail the social, political and economic systems of Islam. 6. What are the problems of Muslim Ummah and suggestions to resolve them. 7. What rights has Islam given to women. Compare these rights with the European rights.

Public Administration

1. Public administration and its approaches.
2. Public corporations.
3. Bureaucracy in Pakistan as an agent of change and the application of Weberian Model. 4. Accountability in Pakistan: Internal and external mechanism-a critical analysis. 5. Private vs public administration: A comparative analysis. 6. Developing administrative leadership in Pakistan.

7. The planning structure/procedure in Pakistan.
8. Principals of administrative organisation: How far true in Pakistani perspective. 9. Personnel administration in Pakistan: Different systems of recruitment. 10. The status of governance in Pakistan.

11. Local self-government: Its past, present and future in Pakistan. 12. Financial administration:
(a) Budgetary procedure in Pakistan
(b) Accounting and auditing of public sector organisation in Pakistan

Muslim Law & Jurisprudence

1. The sources of Islamic Law, especially Ijtehad.
2. Marriage: essentials, kinds and modes.
3. Talaq: kinds and procedure.
4. Dower and dowry.
5. Will (bequest): limitations on the testamentary powers of a Muslim and revocation of will. 6. Gift (Hiba): its essentials and kinds, deathbed gifts and acknowledgments. 7. Waqaf: its essentials, kinds, powers and duties of mutawalli. 8. Pre-emption (shufa): its grounds and kinds.

9. Islamic law of inheritance: Its rules, especially rule of representation and impediments to inheritance. 10. Guardianship of minor (ward) under the Guardians' and Wards ac: duties and powers of guardian and fiduciary relationship. 11. Critical analysis of the Muslim Family Laws and Ordinance, 1961. 12. Distinction between Hudood Laws and Tazir.

13. Short notes:
a) Custody of...
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