Ballet Philippines by Marife Arangote

Topics: Audience, Philippines, Audience theory Pages: 4 (853 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Marife P. Arangote
Case Analysis

Ms. Rosalinda Lacerona
TTH 10:30-12:00

Title of the Case: Ballet Philippines
Time Context: 2002
I.Statement of the Objectives

This case is written to address the high turnover problem of Ballet Philippines and to possibly transform it to a financially sustainable institution. It is also to get bigger audiences to buy the tickets and gain material increase in funds.

II.Central Problem
How to solve the financial instability of Ballet Philippines and increase compensation of the artists? III.Areas of Consideration
i.Virtually unknown locally
ii.Viewed as elitist and unable to reach the common Juan dela Cruz iii.The location of the theatre isn’t easily accessible the ordinary public. Far from most public transportation vehicles. c.Threats

i.Increasing number of ballet schools
ii.International dance companies getting Filipino talents
iii.Steady decrease in viewership
i.Levitating standard of living in the Philippines
ii.Internet reservation of seats and payment
iii.Fast performance information transfer due to social networks

IV.Alternate Courses of Action
a.Sell Students’ Subscriptions and Tickets at Campuses – Sell a new type of subscription that is designed for students and sell it and individual tickets in campuses. i.Advantages
1.Get students to see cultural performances early which could lead to eventually having a bigger adult audience 2.Higher sales due to easy access of tickets for students and professors who wants to have a cultural experience 3.Better promotion because students are active in social networks and can easily share what they think of the performances or invite others to join them ii.Disadvantages

1.Slow return because of discounts that goes with the subscription 2.Slow process because of the need to propose the project to campuses 3.Higher expenses because of school commissions and...
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