Ballet in France

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  • Published : September 9, 2008
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Ballet in France
Ballet is an art form that had its origin from France. Ballet is a way to tell a story, express an emotion, or simply move to music. In the 1600’s ballet was in its early stages of development. It was more ceremony that artistic expression. Ballet later took on a public dimension and instructional techniques were developed by many. The first ballet school opened in France in 1661. Louis XIV was the founder of the school. The school was called Académie Royale de Danse. In 1661 only men were allowed to dance. 1681 was the first year that women could dance. The woman had to wear ankle long dresses, which is not how the ballet dancers look today. Until 1789 the dancers also sang songs and recited poems. Pierre Beauchamps came up with the famous five ballet positions. The positions use both the arms and the legs. Beauchamps was a famous chorographer. He was sometimes considered the ballet master. He was made director of the Académie Royal de Danse in 1671. Beauchamp gave dance lessons to Louis XIV for over twenty-two years. Ballet in the United States today is a method of artistic exception for boys and girls of all ages. Today in class rooms ballerinas are asked to wear pink tights and black leotards. Sometimes they are allowed to wear black wrap skirts. The traditional colors for boys and men are white tops and black bottoms with white or black flat shoes. For performances ballerinas wear tutus some are long the most are short and they look like pancakes, or a table top. Dancers traditionally wear there hair in buns high on there heads. This is to keep there hair out of there face. Ballet started as a ceremony, now it is an expression of life. Ballet went from a men’s sport to one that is mostly populated by girls. France is where ballerinas give credit to the founders of ballet.
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