Ballard Power Systems

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Ballard Power Systems is a global leader in proton exchange member (PEM) fuel for cell technology. This company provides clean energy fuel for various applications and has a multi market growth in fuel cell products (Ballard, 2013). The PEM fuel cell is simply the means to clean energy by producing electricity. Although fuel cells have varied applications, Ballard’s incentive was to provide their customers with a commercial advantage. And their customers chose Ballard as fuel cells have the capacity to provide compelling value proposition in comparison to the previous incumbent technology. Ballard had a leading edge with their technology and product innovation as a result of years of research. It all started in 1970 when Geoffrey Ballard, Keith Prater and Paul Howard agreed to develop a rechargeable and lightweight lithium battery. Although the company’s main product line was the batters, the three partners had a vision to produce the rechargeable lithium type. To what extent should spin-off technologies be transformed into stand-alone products? Spin-off technologies should only stand alone in circumstances where goals and visions are independent of incumbent product or market strategy. It is important for organization to perform value analysis and risk management to determine if operational costs and revenues will align with such undertaking. Spin off technologies are usually a by-product of an already existent parent or incumbent product. New spin-off entrants are often generated from already well established brands and new products are closely linked to its technological heritage (Ferriani, 2012). It is good to have the parental influence to mitigate resistance to change and gain entrance to the market. However new innovation can also be used to remediate inappropriate practices from the past and create a unique competitive advantage. Companies can use historical pattern, consumer demands and market response to improve performance. Thus the...
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