Ball Is Life

Topics: American football, Mind, Basketball Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Ball Was Life


My summer was an inch away from being perfect. I had a good GPA and people to hangout with, but I was missing one thing: starting on the basketball team. Basketball was going great beside that one problem, but I just could not remove the obsession of starting from my mind. Basketball and happiness go hand in hand for me. Over the next month basketball and my attitude started spiraling downwards and brought my happiness and friendships with them. I isolated myself from nearly everybody and dreaded basketball more and more every day. It’s funny how one thing can truly control your life. I understand if your a professional athlete or your in love with a women, but I was just a sixteen year old who loved the game. I understand that you need to treat sports as not a job, but a hobby.

As school got closer, my mind and happiness exponentially disappeared until they were gone and they seemed to not be coming back. I came home one day after practice and showered like usual. I remember everything about this day: the peppermint Bath and Body Works soap I used in the shower, the Livestrong shorts I put on after showering, the blue and white Nike elite socks I wore on my feet. After the shower I sat down on the brown leather couch in my living room thinking to myself, it will be better. When my mom got home from work fifteen minutes later, she came upstairs and I recreated the thoughts in the back of my mind in words. “Mom, I want to go back to Yarmouth.” Her face was so clearly engraved in my mind: the frown, the disappointment, and her words, “Not again Liam, you can’t keep running away.” If only I knew how right she was. Over the next week my parents and I outweighed Yarmouth as a better option for me. Fall

School started along with football. I had a very optimistic view of everything. Having played decent minutes at Cheverus, I expected to start in football. School was going well and I liked all my teachers. I was really looking forward...
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