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Topics: Human, Psychology, Time Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Marcus Ridge
English 101
Mrs. Trobaugh
24 September 2013
Demonstration Devastation

Failure is a communal trait among the human race. In fact, failing and making mistakes are what makes us all human. I myself have many failures throughout my life where people expected more out of me. One of those failures would be a speech I had to give in my speech class in high school. I took this class for dual credit so I didn’t have to take it in college. For this speech, my class had to give six total speeches, and the one I expected to do better in was the demonstration speech. This speech had to be 9 to 10 minutes long, we had to have two outside sources, and a complete demonstration of the subject. The demonstration speech I had presented about swinging a baseball bat didn’t precisely go the way I had premeditated considering the unfortunate circumstances during my presentation, therefore preventing me from getting the grade I wanted; as a result, I learned that preparation leads to success.

One of the circumstances that didn’t go in my favor were the mishaps and distractions that occurred before and during my speech. I approached the podium where we were to give our speeches along with my bat, but forgot the last half of my notecards. I didn’t realize it until I needed them, and one of my friends that was sitting next to me held them up in the air and showed me. Everybody knows that in order to have a good presentation you need to have good content within your presentation, but you also need a good audience. Well that was not the case in my presentation. My classmates were very distracting they would wave their hands at me and make inappropriate noises. I became very stressed at this point, and at one instant I dropped my bat. I had to act natural as if nothing had happened and pick up the bat while proceeding my presentation. The last part that I needed my notecards for was pretty much winged and walked awkwardly off to my seat.

Now the expectations I had...
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