Baler Historical Tour

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Night One: Departure from the Point of Origin / Night Trip
0930 hrs. pm Assembly at the Point of Origin (POO)
1000 hrs. pm. ETD from the POO
Day One: Baler Tour Part I (Baler Historical-Cultural Tour)
0600 hrs. amETA Maria Aurora/Check-in & Breakfast (M1) at Lorentess Resort
0800-1030 hrs. Rest & Relaxation @ Lorentess Resort
1100 hrs.ETD / Tour Proper: First stop: Centennial Tree 1200 hrs. nnLunch (M2) at AMCO Resort & Restaurant
0130 hrs. pmWalking Tour of Historical Trail (Baler Historical-Cultural Tour) * Baler Church
* Doña Aurora Quezon House
* Lt. Gilmore Marker
* Quezon Park
* Museo de Baler
* Sining-Bayan: Sabutan Demonstration
* Kakaning-Bayan: Suman-Making Demonstration
0500 hrs. ETA at Lorentess Resort / Rest & Relaxation (R&R) 0700 hrs.Dinner (M3) followed by Socials / Videoke & Night Swimming 1100 hrs.Taps / Lights-off
Day Two: Baler Tour Part II (Baler Eco-Historical Tour)
0500 hrs. amWake-up Call
0530 hrs.Breakfast (M4) at the resort
0630 hrsCheck-out / ETD for Baler Eco-Cultural Tour
* Trekking & Swimming: Ditumabo Falls
* Rolling Tour: Cemento Beach, Anyao Islets
* Beach Swimming at Digisit Beach (if high tide) * Lunch (M5) Picnic Style at the Beach
* Trumba Marina
* Ermita Hill
* Provincial MTDP Presentation: Aurora Tourism Office * Ermita Cross
0500 hrs. Check-in at Bay-ler View Hotel / Rest & Relaxation (R&R) 0700 hrs.Dinner (M6) followed by Socials / Videoke
1100 hrs.Taps / Lights-off
Day Three: Baler Tour Part III (Baler Eco-Adventure Tour)
0500 hrs. amWake-up Call
0600 hrs.Breakfast (M7) at the hotel
0800 hrsBaler Eco-Adventure Tour
* Beach Walking / Swimming...
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