Balcony Scene from 'Romeo and Juliet'

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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A summary of the balcony scene from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Romeo sneaks away from his friends and hides in the bushes underneath Juliet’s balcony. She is looking out over the balcony, dreaming. She cannot see Romeo. Romeo marvels in her beauty, comparing her eyes to stars and wishing he could touch her face. Juliet starts to speak to herself. Declaring her love for Romeo but wishing he was anything but a Montague. She says he would still be the Romeo she loved whether that was his last name or not, so he should just change it. Romeo has been listening, debating whether or not to speak up, but was not brave enough, until now. Juliet is shocked to say the least when he jumps out of the bushes, proclaiming that he will change his name and no longer be who he is. Initially she does not know who it is, and then she realises and returns to the edge of the balcony. She says that she has not yet heard him speak 100 words and yet she knows who it is that is speaking. She panics for his safety, but he says that the walls and guards cannot come between them, but if they were to, he could die happy knowing that Juliet loved him. Juliet asks Romeo if he loves her. She wants him to announce it. Romeo climbs the tree leading up to her balcony. She says she should not have been so fast, but it just proves how deep her passion for him goes. Romeo swears by the moon that he loves her but that is not good enough for Juliet as she says that the moon is too fickle, forever changing. She wants him to swear on his own heart, which he does and then they kiss. She pulls away and bids him goodnight, but Romeo wants more. He wants her to swear her love too. She offers him her hand for the second time that evening and they touch palms and kiss again. She finally proclaims her love for Romeo. Nurse calls Juliet. She tells Romeo to stay, that she will be back. Romeo is ecstatic. He thinks he is dreaming, the Juliet returns. She tells him that if he is honourable then he should marry...
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