Balancing Work and Family

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Balancing Work and Family
I selected the Balancing Work and Family because I am a single mother with three children and two jobs as well as school. The article was mainly about fathers and the roles they take in the raising of their children. The article tells about more women joining the work force and the effects on families. The article talks about how men take a more active role in childrearing now than in past years. Also discussed are studies of the role fathers are having in childrearing that have been performed over the years and their out comes. Fathers are making themselves more available to their children. The article goes into natural fathers, stepfathers and blended families and the differences between races.

The author, Joseph H. Peck, started studying the changes in family structure in the mid-70’s. Peck states that today American men spend less time working than their predecessors. Also they generally enter the labor force later in life. One of the studies discussed in the article is placed in Muncie, Indiana. Sociologists, Robert and Helen Merrill Lynd, studied parents in Muncie in the 1920’s, and reported that 10 percent of the working class wives stated that their husbands spent no time with their children, and 68 percent said that their husbands spent more than an hour a day. In 1978, Theodore Caplow and Bruce A Chadwick repeated most of the Lynds’ interviews in Muncie. They reported that only 2 percent of the working class wives said that their husbands spent no time with their children and 77 percent reported that their husbands spent more than an hour a day. Both studies used the similar types of working white-collar class families.

In the 1920’s a technique of so-called time diaries was developed and was used until the 1960’s and again in later years. This method has the parents report in their own words what they were doing at each moment of a 24-hour period starting at 12 A.M. The parents list each activity, when...