Balancing Social and Academic Life

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  • Published: February 1, 2013
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Balancing academic responsibilities and social relationship is complicated. Sometimes, if we just focused on our academic responsibilities, we are setting aside our friends and our family; we set aside the fact that there is a real world you have to have fun and discover. On the other hand, some of us don’t care about our responsibilities on academic especially in college level, because we think our social lives are more important than it is. If you want to be gratified you ought to be balanced in everything that you do and want, that’s why planning and defining moments to each particular activity you do is so important.

This research is aimed at providing healthcare professionals with ideas and information regarding student nurses on how they balance their focus and time between academic responsibilities and social relationships. It was also prepared for the purpose of unveiling the effect of which to academic performances. The gathering of data will come from the nursing students of World Citi Colleges from first year to third year. Proper balancing of two certain priorities would lead to an improvement and subsequently much better effect on academic performances of a student.

The interest in this subject was motivated by the researcher’s desire to observe the effects on academic performance from how nursing students balance such priorities as a student. Will they spend their time on studying more than they socialize? Or maybe it’s more important for them to hang out with friends and enjoy life to the fullest rather than to study? In this case, is it sacrificing one of our priorities? Could each student able to balance their time or is it just the idea of passing the course? Whatever would be their choice, it may affect their academic performances. These are associated decisions that will determine whether the outcome would be positive or negative.

To be able to balance academic responsibilities and social relationship requires thorough management of our time. This is a defying part of being able to meet the academic requirement and to have time with our family and friends. Especially in nursing, there are lots of academic requirement that is needed to pass through the whole course thus, interfering with our social relationship. It takes the time of our social lives, for some this may not be a big deal in other cases social relationship and academic responsibility is a difficult task to make.

Most common students in nursing are teenagers, at this stage in life they are focused in self-care; sleeps late and takes nap. Most of their time are given to discover themselves and how big life is. The trouble of studying more than 12 hours a week interferes with the social life and this really affects their school performance. Some others set aside parties or night-life to do homework, even goes to bed early to avoid falling asleep during class and duty hours. At school they become socialized to the role of a nurse and hear countless stories about “responsible nurses” who put their patients, their employers, and virtually everyone else first in their lives.

Statement of the Problem
The research aims to investigate the nursing students on Balancing Academic Responsibilities and social life: effect to the academic performance of first year to third year college students of World Citi College, Quezon City Campus. Specifically, sought to answer the following questions:

1.What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of: 1.1Age
1.3Civil Status
2.How do nursing student balance their social life in terms of: 2.1 Family
2.2 Friends
2.3 Time
3.How do balancing social life affect their academic performance in terms of: 3.1 Academic Outcome
3.2 Student Character
4.How do balancing academic responsibility affect their academic performance in terms of: 4.1 Academic Outcome
4.2 Student Character
5.Is there any significant relationship between...
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