Balancing School and Social Life

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Balance School and Social Life
School and social life are like oil and water - they don't mix. You absolutely want to go hang out with your friends, but you need to study for that test the next day! Dear teens, here's how to balance your social life and school! Steps

Do your homework as soon as you get home. It's tough, and you want to relax. But this is a great strategy to use; if you do your homework the second you get home, you have the rest of the night to relax. Do this even on Friday. Make it a habit. Listen to music while doing homework. This helps you work at a faster speed and seems to make time go by quickly. However, not everyone can work while listening to music, so if you happen to be one of these people, then you can work in an environment without music - it's perfectly fine. Turn off your cellphone and television while doing your homework. Distractions are the number one reason why you take five hours instead of one to complete your homework. Have a lot of homework? Then maybe do some on the bus ride home. This won't work if you walk home from school, though. What you can do is try not to burn the midnight oil or do your homework at the eleventh hour. During lunch break, try to do at least some homework given to you earlier in the day. Don't ever be afraid of being made fun of. If you really have no time to complete your homework, try explaining it to your teacher. She or he will understand, because teachers used to be students, and after all, they've gone through what you're going through now, right? If your teacher announces there's going to be a test the following week on Friday, don't study for it on Thursday. Slowly take your time to study a few chapters a day in the afternoon so that you have lots of free time to socialize after that. Now you're free to hang out with your friends. I know you're thinking, "None of these steps will work!" Well, you'll never know unless you try. After all, if hanging out with your friends is really that...
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