Balancing Penn Foster Sudies

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How to Balance Penn Foster Studies
English Composition Lesson 3
Process- Analysis Essay
By April Porter

This process analysis essay is going to go through examples and talk about different ways to work around your life demands. At the same time of living your life with all the demands life hands you. Also being able to accomplish your goals for your career you are working towards. Balancing your life with your school studies.

Balancing school and your life can be difficult. So to start off I’m going to give some examples of different strategies to try to accomplish your goals. First of all you could write out a schedule. Second examples of when your work is here it can sometimes get in the way of your school work, But as soon as you’re done with work then you have family.

So if you spend time with the family then you’ll be able to do school work. Or you could do your school work around the time the kids take their naps or when they are playing or watching cartoons. So there are ways you can do your school work you have to stay focused.

To balance school with work is it depends on your schedule where if you had time to work on it before you go to work or after you off work. Well to top it off if you were a single parents not working at the time and you were just going to school then you would be able to get a lot accomplished. Well your family is very important and you got spend time with them and make sure everything is organized. And life will be great when everything is in order. And if you weren’t working you could get your kids to do stuff like there homework and be able to do your work at the same time. Also, if I had to show what I do during the day it would be getting up in the morning. Second, would get ready for the day. If your child had day care or school you could take them over there for a couple of hours even though you didn’t have to work but you go to school online you would be able to get things accomplished while they were...
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