Balancing Penn Foster

Topics: Time, Penn Foster College, The Opportunity Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Amanda Endres
3234 Fisher Hill RD
Mineville, New York

The biggest challenge for many of us is how to balance our studies, work and family demands. While we want happy fulfilling lives outside of family, work and school, we have to make personal sacrifices in order to be successful in life. Since time is precious, keeping a balance between three worlds can be a challenge. Fortunately, with proper planning, balance is possible. Every day, I have to make choices and manage my time incredibly well in order to be able to balance my online studies, my work and family demands. In my opinion family demands, work and studies balance are a process, not a static achievement. So, it is important to make the decisions selecting careers and jobs, timing children, allocating roles and responsibilities that will provide the opportunity for balance. The real task of balance takes place on a weekly and daily basis, even from hour to hour.

While going to Penn Foster College online to get my Veterinary Technology degree, I also have a family to take care of everyday. I always put my family first upon other things, and try to be a good mother to my two children and a good partner to my loving boyfriend. I am a full time employee at a family owned hardware store. While this takes time away from everything I do, my boyfriend and I saw it as a necessary measure to help ease of the financial burden we have, between the house, cars and student loans. We are very fortunate to be able to reduce our babysitting costs because both my boyfriend and I have family and close friends in town, all of whom are happy to spend time with our children.

To help me balance and organize my studies in a more organize form, I bought a daily planner. This daily planner comes in very handy and I would advise anyone to make use of it. With my daily planner it helps me to write down assignments that needs to be handed in at a certain time, also helps me...
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