Balancing College with the Rest of My Life

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Balancing College with the Rest of My Life
Balancing college with the rest of my life is a relatively new problem I have had to start trying to figure out lately. Up until a few weeks ago the only fixed schedule I had to work around was my job. It turns out that college conflicts with more than just work. It seems to have an effect on a lot of the aspects of my life. Since the beginning of school my job schedule, my budget planning, and my social life have competed with college for my time and concentration and I am struggling to find ways to balance everything back to normal.

My job is especially hard to schedule with college because it does not have a fully set schedule. Things pop up from time to time and I have to drop everything I am doing to take care of it. I got into the exotic pet industry, mainly the aquatic areas, a few years ago. I started my own retail company selling fish and custom built fish tanks in 2009 and that part of my job is pretty stable for the most part. There are a few times a month that a customer will call or email me with a problem or request that they have for their aquarium set up and I will have to drop everything that I might be doing and go handle the situation, and they usually need something when I have a big school project that I need to finish and it makes school a lot harder. My budget has taken a hefty loss since I enrolled in college and that has forced me to cut back in other areas to compensate for the loss. I am also picking up more side projects to counter the loss of my extra traveling and initial school costs. That is causing me to work harder and I have to take time away from my computer class because it is the most lenient with assignment deadlines. I also have to plan my driving more carefully because gas is so expensive and that takes more time out of my studying. My budget is also interfering with my social life by limiting the money I can spend when I go and do things with people.

Aside from budgeting...
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